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Alcohol addiction takes so much from the prisoners to it. The Holistic Sanctuary has a revolutionary system that changes not only circumstances but inspires life-long redemption. Try our holistic alcohol rehabs to break free from the shackles of addiction and chart a new, meaningful reality. Start today!

Is alcohol addiction a disease or a choice?

Are addicts in the know as far as understanding what addiction means? What we find surreal is that addicts spend copious amounts of time trying to keep up with medication schedules. With all this happening, few know what it means to be an addict, although it’s now the center of their being. 

Offering holistic in-house therapy, we educate all our patients and promote further enrichment through exercises that encourage disease-specific literacy. In truth, nobody consciously chooses to become an addict. Addiction aligns with the disease model because of how it alters brain chemistry, a pattern that advances gradually and remains constant if proper intervention isn’t in place.

Alcohol addiction lockdown the worst side effects

Shouldn’t rehab help addicts overcome their problems, not add to it. The flaw we see is how rehabs administer treatment and approach rehabilitation. With all the technological innovations and variety of new drugs, medicated addicts still relapse, why? It’s a flawed model. Unfortunately, rehabs continue to ignore the problem. When addressing this systemic negligence, our holistic alcohol rehabs, emphasize a natural approach in every stage, from detox to rehabilitation.

Then there’s the matter of how a patient feels during treatment. The lockdown model isn’t working obviously, because a patient who goes into rehab for just alcohol addiction shouldn’t come out with multiple side effects. Some examples include:

  • Psychosis
  • Clinical depression
  • PTSD
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Attention Deficit Disorder

Understanding alcohol addiction stages

Before addiction becomes a pattern, there’s a series of stages. First, there is initial exposure, where a drinker takes the first shot. Then patterned drinking follows, maybe a few shots occasionally or on weekends, until it becomes a lifestyle.

Next, unhealthy behaviors start to set in, which affects work, relationships, and overall communication. Following a lifestyle of taking risks, dependence, and substance abuse disorder gradually becomes evident.

One trend we see across the addiction spectrum is that prescribed drugs enable the disease in a variety of ways. Imagine feeding an addicted brain more of what compromised it in the first place, chemicals. Whether in low concentration or monitored, an addicted brain tends to build tolerance over time, and eventually dependence.

With our revolutionary Ponyan system, we reprogram the body to a pre-addicted state. Using sacred plant medicine to detox the body, we restore balance to the human brain and body. We use all-natural medicinal plants such as Ayahuasca and Ibogaine in our detox process. These powerful herbs can:

  • Improve gastrointestinal tract health
  • Stimulate neurotransmitter action potential (serotonin)
  • reduce bacteria growth (candida)

All of this influences negative moods, which may inhibit brain reset and delay recovery. The Holistic Sanctuary administers these natural medicinal aids to reverse traumatic brain events that enable addiction. Call (310) 601 – 7805 to experience what real holistic alcohol rehabs should represent.

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