Things to Consider While Choosing Inpatient Drug Rehab in California

Things to Consider While Choosing Inpatient Drug Rehab in California

 When you are considering a rehab center, you need to be aware of the different types of addiction they are offering. Understanding the different therapies should be a contributing factor in choosing the facility that is right for you. There are other factors that should be included in choosing a facility. Here are some listed below:

  • Credentials of all staff members and facility
  • Comfort – A relaxed environment will help in the treatment process.
  • Location – Are you comfortable with the area?
  • Treatments – Are they tailored for the individual? Follow-up treatment available?
  • Reviews – Are they favorable?

Inpatient Drug Rehab in California uses a combination of factors to treat the patient. This type of treatment addresses the whole person and ensure the patient’s success and maintenance of that success long-term.

The Drug and alcohol inpatient treatment programs consist of the following components:

  • Withdrawal management – The length of the withdrawal symptoms a patient undergoes depends on the drug, the amount used, how long it was used, and other contributing factors. The symptoms may linger long after the drug is out of the patient’s body. Trying to detox outside of inpatient care, can result in a relapse due to discomfort or may prove deadly without medical support.
  • Individual, family, and group therapy
  1. Individual therapy allows the patient to meet with the therapist one-on-one to address the symptoms of the abuse.
  2. Group therapy, guided by professional therapist, uses the other members experiences and knowledge to aide in the successful accomplishment of their goals.
  3. Family therapy gives you the opportunity to bring into the treatment process family members or close friends thus aiding in the relationships, understanding, and communication.
  • Medical treatment – Medical treatment is one of the most valuable components of a person’s rehab. Because the physical dependence and addiction impact the patient’s physical health, medical care needs to be present in the first steps of their recovery. Without medical care, the patient could be taking risks that can be fatal or seriously impact their organs and body systems.
  • Recreation therapy – It is important to include in the patient’s treatment program recreational activities to improve their mental and physical health.

What is an Inpatient Drug Rehab Treatment Program?

 The Inpatient Drug Rehab Program offers services that are in a more restrictive environment and are for those patients with more serious symptoms.

An Inpatient Drug Rehab Program is a treatment program that combines the different therapies to aide in ensuring the addict’s success. By using the different therapies in combination, they are addressing the physical and mental health of the individual. Using all the components, they are providing the patient with the tools for success and less change of addictions return.

Residential treatment facility is more like living in a home with a less restrictive environment. They offer the same treatments as the inpatient rehab programs, but the patients have more freedom, and the stays are longer.

What Types of Issues Do Residential Treatment Centers Treat?

 The Residential Treatment Centers are treating people who are struggling with drug addiction and abuse. They treat the mental and physical aspects of each patient by allowing them to learn about themselves and make the changes needed for a productive lifestyle.

  • They provide an environmental intervention as one of the therapies to show them a new lifestyle without drugs and alcohol. They focus on the individual’s need in securing the changes and tools they need to lead a healthy and productive life.
  • The facility addresses the medical needs of the patient. They address the medical need of the substance addiction and the mental health of the patient which often coexist together.
  • The treatment uses structure and consistency to help the patient change their old habits so that a new and healthier lifestyle emerges.

The most common perception about inpatient drug rehab facility is the goal of the treatment is to allow the patient to detox quickly stabilizing the symptoms. Once the symptoms are stabilized, it will allow the development of a program conducive to allowing the patient to receive the care they need in a more relaxed environment.

Is inpatient rehab considered acute care?

Acute care is short-term emergency care for a severe or traumatic illness or injury. If the patient requires more treatment, they are transferred to a long-term facility. Acute care is for short-term needs or cares to stabilize the person before transferring them to inpatient rehab facilities if acute care was related to drug use.

What type of insurance coverage during Inpatient Rehab Program?

Most insurances will cover substances abuse rehabilitation programs and varying forms of mental health treatment programs. The type of insurance coverage during the Inpatient Rehab Program depends on the insurance provider the person is a member.

Most insurances will pay for substance abuse/addiction and mental health conditions. You will need to check with the insurance provider to see how much they will cover for inpatient and outpatient care. You will also need to check to see if the rehab treatment center you are inquiring about is inside your insurance network. You can also check with the treatment center to see if your insurance will cover the cost and how much they will cover and how much will be your out-of-pocket cost. Also, available to you if you do not have coverage are state-funded rehab programs, sate insurance policies, and free rehab that many states have offered to people with substance abuse and mental issues.

When checking online, most facilities will have an area for you to check on your insurance coverage.

How long does a patient stay in rehabilitation?

 According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the longer a person stays in the rehab treatment program the more benefits and more successful they will have than being in the shorter-term treatment.

The patients that are going through drug treatment have more issues to overcome than the detox. After detox, which occurs at the start and is relatively short, the patient must work through the mental or psychological aspects of the addiction. The length of time a person goes through treatment varies with each person.

For severe cases and for those who have struggled with relapses and short-term treatments, the long-term option is the most advantageous. There are also other advantages, and some are listed below:

  • 24-hour health care
  • Helps rebuild relationships with family members
  • Time to reactivate the “life-skills” that have been neglected
  • Gives the brain time to recuperate and heal
  • More time to work through the psychological aspects of the treatment
  • Work through more than detoxification
  • Nutritional needs addressed

The duration of the stay depends on the individual’s need, the type of drug, and problems they have (health, mental).  The research indicates that the best outcomes occur with long-term treatment. The recovery from drug addiction is long-term and usually will require different aspects of treatment. The time needed for most of the addicted individuals to recover is about three months according to research.

Impatient treatment for mental health is there when you feel unable to safely handle or deal with your mental health by yourself. Often mental health issues are found along with the substance abuse and addiction of patients. This is called co-occurring mental health issues. When this occurs, the issues are addressed together in treatment.

What are the criteria for inpatient rehab?

Criteria for inpatient rehab are listed below, but not limited to:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Intense treatment
  • Restricted environment
  • The treatment program is short term intense treatment, the patient is moved to a

After the Inpatient Rehab, the patient is then referred to Residential Rehab. Some of these facilities coexist on the same grounds.

Impatient drug and alcohol rehab centers are dedicated to helping their patients in conquering their addictions and maintaining their new lifestyles. The centers want to provide a safe haven where the patients are able to learn and to feel comfortable in making the life changes, they need to ensure a productive life.

Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation services in California

Choose the Best Drug and Alcohol Centers to ensure a successful treatment recovery. Golden Road Recovery Center is one of California’s pristine facilities. They know the hardships involved with drug abuse and drug addiction and are an Inpatient Drug Rehab Treatment Center and Residential Rehab Center. The individual’s mental and physical health is considered throughout the treatment. They work with the individual from the beginning through the end of the treatment to help overcome your addiction or abuse. Customizing the treatment to each person will help to ensure victory. When leaving the clinic, you will leave with an Addiction Aftercare Plan to help ensure your success. This plan is tailored to you individually.

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Ultimate 4 Reasons Why California is a Great Place to Recover From Drug Addiction?

california for treating drug addiction

A successful recovery depends on selecting the right facility for you or a loved one suffering from a Drug and Alcohol Addiction. Individuals struggling with addiction or substance misuse should seek out an atmosphere that promotes self-development and a spiritual connection to the beauty of nature. Although there are various treatment clinics across the country, California provides a distinct atmosphere and access to professionals which might not be available elsewhere.

Exemplifying the best combination of natural and man-made beauty, the juxtaposition of nature and culture, California is the pinnacle of picturesque. The Sunshine State, with its wonderful weather, palm trees, and sandy beaches, is an outdoor lover’s dream. With comfortable High-end Rehab Institutions strewn throughout the sandy beaches of the coast and an unparalleled recovery community, it’s no surprise that California is the most ideal place to become sober. And San Francisco is a fantastic city for recovering addicts to rediscover themselves and learn how to live a sober life in a world rife with temptation.

Set along spectacular coastlines with stunning architecture and rolling green hills, San Francisco is the beauty of Northern California. Owing to its scenic beauty, diverse populations, cultural attractions, and world-class cuisine, it is often touted as “Everybody’s Favorite City”. San Francisco has fascinating neighborhoods to explore at every turn, with iconic landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz dotted across the city. The Golden City is steeped in history and provides an assorted range of leisure activities and attractions.

For those seeking addiction treatment, California also provides additional advantages.


One of the greatest aspects of pursuing addiction treatment in California is the warm, sunny weather. It has a favorable effect on people’s attitudes, making them feel more hopeful and revitalized during their addiction treatment. Outdoor activities like walking, meditation, or yoga in a beautiful setting can help you renew your mind and reconnect with yourself and others. The divine Mediterranean climate provides plenty of opportunities to party sober with gorgeous hikes, coastal road trips, beach walks, street fairs, and weekly festivals.

These cities and towns in Northern California, centered around the dynamic hub of San Francisco, present some of the most stunning panoramas over the Pacific Ocean, making it a perfect place to unwind and reflect on your progress in treatment.

Known for its finest and foremost sober programs, California boasts some of the best and well-renowned Drug Rehabs in the world, and the pleasant year-round climate provides individuals in recovery with a plethora of recreational and cultural activities to enjoy.


california as a rehab program destination

At best, sobriety is elusive. Living a sober life is unquestionably challenging, and maintaining it for any length of time is trickier. Changing your environment is one of the keys to success. In the early stages of recovery, familiar surroundings can be quite detrimental. Even if an addict truly wants to change, there is only so much a person can realistically accomplish while trapped inside a burning building. Since the environment plays such a significant role in our daily lives, it unwittingly drives the wheel of addiction and relapse.

A new atmosphere offers a new perspective. Individuals have the unique opportunity to embark on a new adventure filled with the highest quality care in the most breathtaking location in the country. Home to some of the best scenic hiking trails and astonishing coastlines, California has access to a multitude of outside activities as part of alternative therapy.

Furthermore, choosing a treatment center near the ocean will provide a sense of quiet and tranquility throughout the treatment process, with professionals who will support the patient every step of the way. The California environment boosts patients’ self-esteem and enhances their overall moods and emotions, allowing them to develop the deep roots of honesty and accountability required to conquer any addiction.


rehab professionals in california

When someone decides to start recovering from substance misuse, it is vital to obtain quality support. Support from family and friends is essential, but Experienced Drug Counsellors and Therapists can also be quite beneficial. A certified addiction specialist can aid in providing required assistance and healing in a setting that is specifically designed to promote recovery. However, as with any service, receiving exceptional addiction treatment services is critical for a positive outcome. For anyone recuperates from an addiction, high-quality experts create a community of support and expertise. They understand each person’s journey and develop a unique rehabilitation plan to help them overcome addiction and avoid relapse.

California is home to a myriad of highly competitive drug rehabilitation facilities that cater to the needs of all people. With access to some of the top clinicians in the world, the state delivers world-class treatment to those struggling with addiction. Medical physicians, psychologists, licensed addiction counsellors, and addiction therapists make up a professionally trained staff that is certified and prepared to recover the spirit of anyone suffering from an addiction. Individual, group and family counselling sessions are provided by highly trained experts with the goal of assisting the individual in developing a strong spiritual grounding and a stronger connection to the community.


California is also home to a welcoming and diverse population of people from all walks of life. With great cultural diversity comes the benefit of experiencing a large slice of the world encompassed within a single community. Patients will be surrounded by lots of people who understand exactly what they are going through if they seek treatment at a California drug rehab center. Individuals will have the opportunity to interact with sober peers with whom they could share their experiences. Making new friends who share your desire to lead a substance-free lifestyle will help you stay healthy and reduce your risks of relapsing.

The Golden State is filled with phenomenal opportunities that will make rehabilitation an unforgettable experience, thanks to its abundant recovery community and fellowship. Individuals seeking high-quality care in a picturesque environment will greatly benefit from choosing a California-based addiction treatment center, which is home to a vast, lively sober network and an endless array of activities to keep boredom and cravings at bay.

All addicts have the right to a chance at recovery that isn’t rigged against them. Contact Us today to learn more about the therapeutic environment California has to offer if you or a loved one needs help overcoming addiction and reclaiming their hopes and dreams.