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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs

in Los Angeles, California

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs

A person is said to have a dual diagnosis when they suffer from both a mental health disorder and a substance use disorder. Dual diagnosis is incredibly common – at least half of people who have a substance use disorder will also develop a mental health disorder at some point in their lives and vice versa.

Even though substance abuse and mental health go hand in hand, this does not mean that one causes the other. In fact, it’s often difficult to determine what came first – the substance abuse or the mental health disorder. Many people start abusing substances to deal with depression or anxiety without even realizing they are self-medicating.

Golden Road Recovery is a residential treatment program in Chatsworth CA. We can handle the most complex addictions, including dual diagnosis. If you or a loved one is dealing with both a mental health disorder and substance use disorder, get in touch with our admissions department today.

Why Does Substance Abuse and Mental Health Occur Together?

There are some theories for why substance abuse and mental health happen together in some individuals. These include the following:

Common risk factors

The risk factors for mental health and substance abuse are similar and include genetics, stress and past trauma. 


People who struggle with their mental health sometimes use substances to cope. For example, they might drink alcohol to numb their feelings.

Mental health effects

Substances cause changes in the brain that can lead to an increased risk of depression or anxiety. 

While you might want to know what came first – the addiction or the mental illness – it’s not really all that important. What’s important is that you address both disorders and get the help you need. For dual diagnosis treatment to be effective, you must stop using drugs and alcohol and treat your mental illness with medications and behavioral therapies. 

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Residential Treatment for Dual Diagnosis

Because dual diagnosis is complex and more difficult to treat, a Dual Diagnosis Residential Treatment Program is preferred. Inpatient treatment facilities like Golden Road Recovery in Chatsworth CA provide a sober, structured environment with around-the-clock support and access to medications. We are used to treating complex, severe addictions including dual diagnosis. 

By offering a full spectrum of care for our dual diagnosis clients, we’re able to get them on the right track in our Inpatient Rehab Program. Here are the services you can expect from our treatment program:


Your journey to sobriety starts with detox. This process removes drugs, alcohol and other toxins from your body. Withdrawal symptoms depend on the drug you’re addicted to and its severity. As a medically supervised detox program, our care staff has access to medications and therapies to manage your symptoms. 


Once you are clean, you can start the counseling portion of treatment. This is where you’ll learn about why you started using drugs and how to better cope with the symptoms of your mental illness.

Alternative therapies

To support your recovery and give you more tools for managing stress, we also introduce various alternative therapies into our treatment program. We offer a full gym and wellness program, music therapy, yoga, mindfulness and more. 


Before leaving our program, we’ll present you with an Addiction Aftercare Plan to manage your dual diagnosis. We often suggest stepping down to an Outpatient Program or sober housing that allows for a more gradual transition to your normal routine.


Treat Dual Diagnosis at Golden Road Recovery

A dual diagnosis is more difficult to treat because there are two separate disorders that need to be addressed. But with the right care, you can treat a dual diagnosis and successfully manage both conditions in a Dual Diagnosis Rehab Program

Dual Diagnosis Residential Treatment programs are generally the preferred treatment option because of the 24-hour support, structured setting and access to medications. Golden Road Recovery, a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in California, offers this level of treatment and can help you or a loved one overcome dual diagnosis. There is hope, and by following the right path, you can enjoy lifelong sobriety and satisfaction. 

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