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We are one of the quality Drug & Alcohol rehab center in Los Angeles, California

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Drug & Alcohol Addiction can have a crippling effect on you and those around you, and can lead to health problems and behavioral disorders. But there’s always hope and there is always light, even in the darkest of hours. As one of the finest California drug and alcohol rehab center in Los Angeles, Golden Road Recovery’s inpatient residential treatment can help you overcome your addiction in rehab and recovery in Los Angeles. Get your life back on the right path with our substance abuse treatment center in Los Angeles – and, with our ongoing support, stay on that path for good.

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Southern California

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in Los Angeles

Each year, millions of Americans struggle with substance abuse, yet only 11% receive the treatment they need to overcome addiction. As a trusted alcohol recovery & drug rehab center in Los Angeles, California, Golden Road Recovery offers truly individualized care utilizing evidence-based practices that will help you recover once and for all.

The first step in recovery is detox, a process where drugs, alcohol and toxins are removed from the body. Our San Fernando Detoxification Center uses a combination of conventional medication and holistic therapies to help our clients through this process. With the right support and attention, detox can be tolerable, efficient and completed within 5-7 days.

Once you finish detox, you will begin Residential Inpatient Treatment. Rather than having to change places, we provide counseling under the same roof. During your time in therapy, you will work one-on-one and in group settings to understand your deeper struggles, identify your triggers and develop constructive coping strategies. 

The last step in the treatment process is Aftercare Recovery Treatment. Coming up with an Addiction Aftercare Plan helps you to live a healthy life. If you return home without a game plan, it will be that much easier to fall back into old habits. Golden Road Recovery will set you up for success with a comprehensive Addiction Aftercare Plan that meets your specific needs.

"Courage is knowing what not to fear"


Addiction Recovery in Los Angeles Starts Here...


Discover the beauty of our Southern California drug and alcohol rehab centers Los Angeles. Our home-like residential treatment facility offers safety and comfort when seeking substance abuse rehabilitation in San Fernando. From private rooms to gourmet meals, Golden Road Recovery grants each client access to luxury amenities to aid in the recovery process.

We firmly believe that when a person is happy in their rehab environment, they are more likely to stay and be engaged in their recovery. You will have some responsibilities, such as picking up after yourself, but all other distractions are removed. This allows you to focus 100% on your recovery.

We invite you to take a digital tour of our rehab centers Los Angeles. We have shared and private bedrooms, an updated kitchen and bathrooms, cozy common areas, an inground swimming pool, basketball hoop and so much more. And all of this is located in beautiful Chatsworth, CA, a safe and affluent area near the edge of San Fernando Valley.

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A Few Words for the patients


My son was in and out of this rehab several times and every time Jason and his staff was supportive and loving no matter what, always there to give him a chance! Tonight my son spoke on a panel that goes to rehabs and it was here at Golden Road, it was a great opportunity for him to go back and share his experience strength and hope in a place that was always there for him! Thank you Jason for having a safe place for people like my son to go for help! I’ve seen many rehabs who only wanted my son for his insurance, they didn’t care about him, it was so nice and comforting knowing that your rehab saw him as a human being and genuinely cared about his well being.
Judy Stewart Horsfield
My name is Stephanie F. I was recently a patient at Golden Road Recovery (GRR). I credit, by no stretch of the imagination, GRR with saving my life and guiding me to the path of sobriety, general well-being, as well as fostering the development of my self-confidence, self-esteem and self-assertiveness. I arrived at GRR totally hopeless and desperate, in dire need of medical attention. Prior to my arrival at GRR, I had been admitted to many treatment facilities and hospitals, lasting only a day or two before signing myself out Against Medical Advice. My life had become unmanageable and totally out of control. I was a total mess. GRR made the impossible, possible. They were able to treat my co-occurring disorders along with my addiction to alcohol. It is no exaggeration to say that their expert team of therapists, physicians and clinical personnel helped get to the point I am at today: sober, happy, content, and comfortable in my own skin. I have not felt this good in an incredibly long time. I am getting my life back and am extremely excited at that prospect! All staff members go above and beyond expectations to meet and exceed each patient’s individual needs. All staff made me feel like I was a part of a family, each one dedicated and completely committed to total wellness of their patients. Thanks to GRR I now recognize my own value and my future will be whatever I want it to be! GRR’s treatment includes family-based work and I am happy to say the relationship with my immediate family has been rebuilt and is stronger than ever, even after years of my lying and manipulation of them in order to protect my addiction. We are moving together as a family for the first time in a very long time. I encourage anyone struggles addiction to consider GRR as the top option for long-term recovery.
Stephanie F.
Great place! During detox and recovery it’s very comfortable and spacious. There’s plenty of activities and groups throughout the day. There’s a pool, ping pong, pool table, basketball, yoga, breath working and more. Daily meetings and the staff is very friendly. I stayed 2 months there and I recommend anyone struggling to have peace of mind at Golden Road. I highly recommend it!
Rick C.
This program is seriously a breath of fresh air especially compared to some of the programs that exist nowadays, they really care, I walked in scared and alone and mid-withdrawal and they took me in like i was family, I never felt so at home in a treatment center. The staff is very kind and the owners have incredibly good intentions and just want to help. I suggest if your looking for treatment in a safe , laid back, but serious recovery focused environment this is the right place.
Nick M.
Hey Jason, just wanted to check in and thank you again. I've been sober since I left and owe so much to you and the staff. Such a cool and loving environment. Hope you are well and please thank everyone for me.
Hey Jason, I hope everything's going well over there at Golden Road. I just reached a milestone in my recovery yesterday at six whole months clean and sober! I wanted to extend my appreciation for you, Abraham and all Golden Road staff for helping me out so much in that first month. I came in completely broken, beaten and restless and you guys showed me genuine care that I will never forget. So seriously Thank You from the bottom of my heart. I've gained a lot of clarity and insight into this disease. I now believe I have a lot to contribute. Thank you Jason and God Bless.
My experience with Golden Road Recovery was very therapeutic and positive. Their program and treatment plans are effective. Their program includes a variety of activities to keep one mentally stimulated. Group therapy sessions are very supportive and engaging. One on One therapy sessions are tailored to suit the needs of the client. The administrative staff, medical professionals and therapists are very personable, knowledgeable, and compassionate. At the completion of the program, you will walk away with tools and support that will help you maintain a sober lifestyle. I would recommend their facility to any and everyone who wants to recover from chemical dependency.
Michelle H, NJ
My name is Dennal, I checked myself into Golden Road on 10/10/2020. By the grace of God I decided to get control of my life back. I am an alcoholic and have been since I was a teenager. I am a survivor of physical, verbal, trauma and self abuse. I have never had treatment before so I was scared as hell. I was scared to leave my children and I was scared to give up my best friend booze. I couldn't stand any feeling of being upset or uncomfortable and alcohol allowed me to cope and deal. Golden Road treated me with compassion and kindness. I took advantage of the program and listen to the professionals. I did the work and learned a lot about myself. I built close relationships that I will never forget. I had to get away from my environment ,family and friends. I could not do this from home I had to get away and be on my own with people that were professional and experienced. Its been a year now and Life is not perfect and its work but I know the triggers and have the tools to deal with the issues when faced with them.
The saying goes "Don't leave before the miracle happens". For me that miracle was Golden Road Recovery and the people there, who have dedicated their lives to helping others achieve sobriety and mental strength. I was at the point in my life where hopelessness consumed my every thought. I was in extreme depression and attempting to hide everything through the use of drugs and alcohol.
I was met outside the front door of Golden Road by Jason and Elise and greeted with "Welcome Home Robert". That one moment led to a chain of events over the next 90 days that would save my life. I was given the necessary tools to build a strong foundation upon to live a fulfilling life of happiness and the desire to be of service to others. The care that I received from therapists, case managers, nurses and all staff can only be described as love. Each day was uniquely executed with different groups of exercises that challenged me to look at every area of myself and my actions. The property provides an environment of peace, security, and serenity. It allows a person to let go of the temporary burdens of life and allows you to focus solely on self help. The level of care and sincerity is amazing. Golden Road Recovery gave me a new life worth living and I will forever be eternally grateful for that.
Robert S.

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