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Alcohol Use Disorder & Addiction Treatment

in Chatsworth, California


An alcohol use disorder (AUD) is drinking to the point of harm and distress. This medical condition causes you to drink compulsively and experience withdrawal effects like irritability and anxiety when you’re not drinking. As with other medical conditions, an AUD can range from mild to severe. Severe AUD is called alcoholism or alcohol dependence. In that case, it is recommended for you to choose a Medically Assisted Alcohol Addiction Treatment.

Whether you or a loved one is struggling with a mild or severe case of AUD, you do not have to wait to access help. There is a misconception that people have to wait until they hit rock bottom to seek intervention and this just isn’t true. With varying levels of care, you can treat an alcohol use disorder at any stage. You need to come up with an Alcohol Abuse Treatment Plan to convince someone to go to a rehab.

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Client-Centered Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorders

Most people with an alcohol use disorder benefit from some form of alcohol addiction treatment. Here at Golden Road Recovery, we tell our clients to prepare for three phases of treatment: detox, behavioral therapy and aftercare. By being aware of these stages, you can plan accordingly for a healthy and successful recovery.

Golden Road Recovery provides a full spectrum of Alcohol Abuse treatment services under one roof. This means you only have to work with one alcohol addiction treatment center and one team to get the quality, personalized care you deserve.

Here are the three stages of alcohol addiction treatment:


Alcohol Detox is best done in a medically supervised environment because the withdrawal symptoms can be severe and potentially fatal. Our detox team uses FDA-approved medications (Disulfiram, Naltrexone, Acamprosate) to ease symptoms and help you get through the withdrawal period. We will also keep you comfortable and provide you with around-the-clock support.


Behavioral therapy works well for alcohol addiction treatment. People often have underlying reasons for why they drink and must process these issues in a healthy manner. Once you work through past trauma and develop healthier ways to cope, you can stop the cycle of alcohol abuse. Effective therapies for treating alcohol use disorders (AUD) are:


Our Aftercare team sets you up for long-term success. Before you leave our treatment facility, we will provide you with an Addiction After care Plan that you can rely on as you transition to your everyday routine. Examples of what will be included in your aftercare plan are 12-step meetings, counseling, medications and recommendations for work, hobbies and leisure.

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Golden Road Recovery gives you all the tools you need to be successful in your long-term recovery. If you feel that you can benefit from the individualized support you will receive at our Residential Treatment Facility in Chatsworth CA, Contact Us today. We have everything you need to heal your mind, body and spirit while kicking alcohol to the curb. 

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