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Sedatives, also known as central nervous system depressants, are sometimes prescribed to those struggling with anxiety, depression or insomnia. Although these medications can be helpful, they come with a caveat – they’re addictive. Because of their habit-forming nature, they are generally prescribed on a short-term basis.

Unfortunately, sedative or Tranquilizer Addiction is a problem facing many Americans today. These drugs work quickly on the brain and body, which is why people can get addicted quickly. Believe it or not, tolerance can build in just one week so you can become addicted much faster than you think.

Golden Road Recovery provides a safe and structured setting Treatment for Sedative Addiction in Los Angeles, California. But rather than spending your time in a hospital-like facility, you’ll be in a comfortable residence in Chatsworth CA. We offer private rooms, freshly cooked meals and alternative treatments in addition to medication and counseling.

If you or a loved one is struggling with a sedative or Tranquilizer Addiction, contact Golden Road Recovery today. Between detox, counseling and aftercare, everything you need to start and sustain your recovery is under one roof.

What are Sedatives? Why are They Addictive?

Sedatives are typically prescribed for anxiety and sleep disorders because they increase GABA in the brain, a natural chemical responsible for slowing down brain activity. Because people feel relaxed and calm when they take sedatives, it doesn’t take long for the brain and body to grow dependent on them.

The most common ways that people abuse sedatives are by taking the drugs more often or more frequently, combining the sedatives with other drugs or alcohol and taking sedatives for the euphoric effects. When you abuse sedatives in any of these ways, your risk for addiction is much higher.

Here are some of the most common sedatives prescribed today:


Valium, Xanax and Klonopin are all examples of benzodiazepines. They affect the brain in similar ways as alcohol, and the intoxicating effects can lead to abuse. 

Sleep medications

Sleeping medications, or Z-drugs, work similarly to benzos except they’re shorter acting and less likely to affect you the next day. However, they are habit forming and can cause hallucinations and psychosis. 


Barbiturates are powerful sedatives prescribed for seizures and extreme pain. They produce feelings of calmness and sleepiness, and they have a strong potential for abuse. For these reasons, barbiturates are far less prescribed these days. 


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Full Continuum of Treatment for Sedative Addictions

Sedatives are both psychologically and physically addictive. The withdrawal process is similar to alcohol withdrawal, which is why it’s recommended to seek medically supervised detox that provides around-the-clock supervision and support.

While your body is detoxing from the Addictive Sedatives, you’ll go through several days of discomfort. Some symptoms last for several weeks or longer, though you’ll be in counseling at this point and better able to manage the effects.

It’s highly recommended staying at an inpatient treatment center to treat sedative addictions because of the supportive environment, 24-hour care, access to medications and variety of behavioral therapies. Golden Road Recovery offers private rooms, freshly prepared meals, alternative therapies, a full gym and wellness program and so much more!


Start Your Journey to Sobriety Today

Golden Road Recovery is an inpatient treatment facility in Chatsworth CA. We regularly treat addictions to sedatives and know how to keep clients comfortable through detox. As clients enter counseling and family therapy, they can uncover the reasons for their abuse and better ways to cope with stress. Contact us today to learn more about our whole-body approach to treating sedative addictions.

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