5 Celebrities Who Got Real About Their Addiction

5 Celebrities Who Got Real About Their Addiction

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Alcohol or drug addiction can affect just about anyone at any time. Addiction does not discriminate against anyone. While we may view celebrities as people who have it all; money, fame, expensive houses and clothes, we often forget that they are sometimes the ones who struggle the most with drug addiction. Here we will discuss 5 celebrities who got real about their addiction as well as ways to escape from and treat an addiction.

Celebrities and Their Stories

The list of celebrities who have battled with addiction may be a shocking amount. But is it really all that surprising? Celebrities have enough money in the world to buy just about anything. They also have to deal with constant paparazzi, judgement from the world, attending major events, keeping up with their social image and social media, and working long hours at a time. It is no wonder many of them resort to using drugs or alcohol to cope with the high stress that comes with being in the public eye. Here are 5 celebrities who got real about their addiction:

1. Drew Barrymore:

This well-known celebrity who started out as the child star playing in ET, has opened up about her struggles with cocaine and alcohol. Drew was put in the spotlight at a very young age which essentially led her down the dark road of cocaine and alcohol addiction. Her mother admitted her into a rehab at the age of 14 after a suicide attempt. Drew overcame a heavy addiction within her teen years, and has since made a strong recovery and comeback into the spotlight with a positive relationship with herself and her children.

2. Demi Lovato:

Another childhood star, Demi Lovato, has opened up about their addiction with cocaine, alcohol and other drugs. This Disney Channel star was struggling with the party lifestyle, using drugs and alcohol on the daily, and was admitted into rehab for the first time at age 18. Since then, Demi has had long periods of sobriety followed by relapses. Demi also struggles with an eating disorder and has shared about their depression. In 2018, Demi was hospitalized for a drug overdose that nearly killed them. They spent 3 months in rehab after this tragic event. Today, Demi writes powerful lyrics about their journey to sobriety and the struggles with drug addiction.

3. Matthew Perry:

Matthew Perry, most commonly known as Chandler Bing from the 90’s sitcom, Friends, has shared about his experiences of chronically abusing both alcohol and prescription pills. Matthew recently came out with a new book where he shared that he was either drunk or high while filming almost every season of Friends. Matthew has sought out help several times through rehab, AA and admitting himself into different detox centers. Matthew shared through his book that he is actively sober and in addiction recovery.

4. Mac Miller:

Malcolm McCormick, otherwise known as Mac Miller, shared about his struggles with addiction through his song lyrics and through interviews. Mac Miller was a young rap star with several music albums, however he also experienced a lot of judgement, criticism and hate. Mac has shared that he regularly smoked marijuana to cope with the stress and eventually started using other drugs like codeine, and eventually his addiction led him to a drug overdose (a combination of alcohol, cocaine and fentanyl) that tragically took his life. Mac shared in several interviews that he did not like to be sober and drugs helped him to feel better in the world.

5. Lindsay Lohan:

Lindsay Lohan has been in the spotlight since staring in the iconic film Parent Trap. Lindsay has had a long journey with substance abuse and addiction, leading to multiple DUI’s, jail time, and several trips to rehabs. Lindsay has stated that she has been sent to rehab so many times that she could “write a book on it.” This well-known celebrity has struggles with mental health and used drugs recreationally for most of her stardom life. She now has made a comeback, starting in a Netflix original movie, Falling for Christmas, and has shared about her sobriety and experience with drug addiction.

Escaping From Addiction

Addiction of any kind can be a scary and dark place that may feel impossible to escape, but there is always help available to you. While drugs and alcohol may feel like the only answer, it certainly is not. Substance abuse and addiction is typically always correlated with some sort of mental health issues. For those who were never taught healthy ways of coping with symptoms of anxiety or depression or overcoming traumatic events, drugs and alcohol seems to be the easiest and quickest remedy for alleviating the deep pain and sorrow. For others, it is simply for the social aspect, and with all the fame these celebrities experience, it is just a part of the lifestyle. Society does not make it easy for those struggling with addiction. Escaping addiction is crucial for anyone battling the demons of drugs and alcohol and fortunately, there are many different options for addiction treatment.


The most common form of addiction treatment is rehab. Rehab can be both inpatient or outpatient and offers therapeutic support focused solely on addiction and mental health. There are also community-based group programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous that offer the 12-step program to learn to the make amends with your demons, forgive those you have wronged, and use faith to find the light through sober living.

How Golden Road Recovery Can Help 

f you or someone you know if battling the struggles of addiction and wanting to escape from it, Golden Road Recovery can help. Golden Road Recovery is a luxurious rehab facility that offers evidence-based therapies with a more holistic approach, meaning incorporating the mind, body and spirit to help treat your addiction. Please call (877) 372-0536 to learn more about the services provided at Golden Road Recovery and start your journey to sobriety today.


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