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Role of Family Support in Prevention of Drug Abuse

Drug abuse can have massive effects on the entire family. It can cause broken trust and damaged relationships. But are there ways to prevent drug abuse from happening before it is too late? And what is the role of the family in the prevention of drug abuse?




Nobody ever plans to become addicted to drugs yet when it occurs within a family, there is often a lack of proper support. Substance use disorder is a mental health disorder that is highly stigmatized. Many people either lack education on addiction or misunderstand the seriousness of this disorder. Here we will answer several questions about the role of family support in the prevention of drug abuse.


Some of these common questions include:


  • What is the role of family support in the prevention of drug abuse?
  • How can the family help in treating a drug dependent?
  • What are the signs and symptoms of drug abuse?
  • What is drug addiction recovery like at Golden Road Recovery?


Role of Family Support in the Prevention of Drug Abuse:

role of family in prevention of drug abuse

The role of family support in the prevention of drug abuse can be highly effective for teens, adolescents, and adults. Although there are many factors that can contribute to drug abuse, family support can help prevent the possibility of it starting in the first place. A family can help support the prevention of drug abuse by having open and honest conversations about the dangers of drug abuse and addiction. Many families are afraid to discuss such heavy and scary topics, but communication is crucial for the prevention of drug abuse.


Family members must also show they are understanding and non-judgmental when discussing the topic of drug abuse. Using scare tactics and negative language will only go so far in the prevention. Experimenting with drugs is oftentimes inevitable for teens and adolescents, so opening the doors for communication can bring trust and honesty into the family relationships.


Drug abuse in a family can affect the well-being of the entire family, but there are several resources to help ensure each member is remaining safe throughout the time of the addiction. It is important that each person involved in the addict’s life is taking care of themselves and receiving the help they need.


How Can Family Help in Treating a Drug Dependent?


When someone has become dependent on drugs, family support can help them break free from the toxic habit. Drug dependency can be difficult to recover from on your own, but with the help of loved ones and a recovery center, it is possible. Families must remember to approach the drug-dependent with love and emotional support. Drug abuse, dependence, and addiction often is associated with feelings of guilt and shame and if the user feels judged in any way, they may run the other way and avoid help.


Family members must show they are understanding and want to help the individual using drugs. This is not always easy, but it will help the user to feel more seen and understood.


Drug use prevention and intervention are both possible and helpful approaches to help those with a substance use disorder. There are several mental health professionals that specialize in substance use disorder that can help with these different protocols while helping your loved one.


Signs and Symptoms of Drug Abuse


There are several different signs and symptoms of drug abuse, but oftentimes drug users are skilled at hiding them. It is important to be aware of the different signs of drug abuse so you can help the user before it is too late.


Signs and symptoms of drug abuse include:

  • Drastic changes in physical appearance and lack of hygiene
  • Bloodshot eyes or poor skin tone
  • Mood and behavior changes
  • Lack of interest in usual activities
  • Financial issues (late or unpaid bills, borrowing money, etc.)
  • Legal trouble
  • Poor work or school performance
  • Changes in appetite
  • Defensiveness when asked about the drug use


While different drugs can include different signs and symptoms, the list above is a general rule of thumb. Typically, if someone is abusing drugs they will start to look, act and behave differently. Fortunately, there are several different addiction treatment options that can help with any specific addiction.


Drug Addiction Recovery at Golden Road Recovery


Golden Road Recovery is an addiction treatment center located in Los Angeles, California that provides optimal services for those willing to seek help. Golden Road Recovery is an inpatient treatment center staffed with 25+ highly educated and trained professionals to help you on your journey to recovery. The qualified staff works to help educate on addiction while encouraging various new coping skills and techniques to prevent possible relapses. Golden Road Recovery will provide you or your loved one with the skills needed to live a drug-free life.



Family support in the prevention of drug abuse is incredibly important for individuals of all ages. Through conversations, understanding, and honesty, drug abuse can be prevented. Family members should also be aware of the different signs and symptoms of drug abuse and know how to engage in a conversation on the topic. If you or a loved one are battling drug addiction or dependence, contact Golden Road Recovery today at (877) 372-0536 to learn more about our addiction recovery options.

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