What is Detoxification and Factors Affecting the Detoxification Process

What is Detoxification and Factors Affecting the Detoxification Process

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No matter the type of drug or addiction you might be battling, drug detox will be the first initial step to a successful recovery. Drug detox is the body’s way of eliminating the drugs and/or alcohol from the system and can come with very uncomfortable symptoms. The detox phase of recovery can be dangerous and oftentimes requires medical attention. Thankfully, there are several treatment centers for detoxification in Los Angeles and Golden Road Recovery is an excellent option.

So, how does detox work? Here we will dive into everything to know on drug detox and get the full scope of detoxification.

What is Detoxification?

 Although drug detoxification will vary from person to person, depending on the drug of choice and the duration of the addiction, it is a step that must happen in order to recover. Drug detox is a way to safely manage the withdrawal symptoms that come along with drug abstinence. Once a person has continuously taken a drug, and chooses to seek recovery, their body must go through a detox phase to rid the drugs from their system.

The detox process can last up to 2 weeks or longer but there are several detoxification factors that might contribute to this. Factors include:

  • Users drug of choice
  • Duration of addiction
  • Amount of drug being used each day
  • Method of administration (smoking, injecting, snorting, etc.)
  • Family history with addiction or mental illness
  • Other medical conditions

While detoxing from drugs such as tobacco might not include dangerous withdrawal symptoms, other drugs such as alcohol can lead to highly dangerous and sometimes fatal withdrawal symptoms. This is why seeking help through a treatment center for detoxification is highly recommended.

How Detoxification Works

Drug detox will be a different experience for each recovering addict, however when you seek help through a detox center, the process is likely to be the same. The process is divided into 3 stages:

How Detoxification Works

  1. Evaluation: The team of medical professionals will screen the individual for any physical or mental health issues that may contribute to symptoms of the detox phase. This stage will tell the medical workers the severity of the addiction and help them predict what the detoxification factors might look like for the individual.
  2. Stabilization: The individual will be provided all of the needed support and sometimes different medication to help them through the detox phase. This is when the withdrawal symptoms might present themselves and the team of professionals will help ensure the safety and success of the detox.
  3. Preparing for Further Treatment: The detox is only the first step in successful recovery. The final stage will guide the individual to the best level of treatment care for their addiction.

At home detox is possible, but oftentimes is not advised. Without the help of medical and mental health professionals, relapse is far more likely as the withdrawal symptoms might become worse. It is advised to speak with a medical professional before attempting to detox at home.

Is Detoxification Good for The Body?

Although Drug Detox can be an uncomfortable and sometimes painful experience, it is crucial as your body learns to go back to functioning without the drugs or alcohol. During the detox and withdrawal period, it may feel as if your body needs the drugs to feel normal again. This is because your body becomes dependent on the drugs and it takes time for it to heal from the large consumption of the different substances. In other words, while it may feel that drug detox is harming you, it is in fact, good for the body and eventually, you will feel normal again.

Why Do We Need a Detox?

After any addiction, regardless of how long it lasted, the body becomes used to functioning with the drugs in our bloodstream. Detox allows the body a chance to safely recover from a sudden change to drug abstinence. Although the help of different medications and medical supervision can reduce some symptoms, others are unavoidable. Some symptoms of drug detox include:

  • Mood swings (irritability, anxiety, depression, etc.)
  • Flu-like symptoms (nausea, shaking, sweating, etc.)
  • Sleep disruptions
  • Drug cravings

In most cases, these symptoms are only temporary and with the help of mental health professionals, managing drug cravings and relapse prevention can be taught and used to help the recovering individual. Drug Detoxification is an important part of the recovery process because this is when the drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms are likely to be most present. Once you have successfully survived the detox phase, then it is time to work on learning new coping skills, identifying any possible triggers, and learn relapse prevention techniques.

Do Detox Diets or Cleanses Work?

There are many different detox diets and cleanses that you can find on the internet, but how successful are these? The truth is, there are certain diets you can follow to try to cleanse your body from the drugs and alcohol, but that does not mean you should not still seek medical attention or enter into a treatment center for detoxification.

When detoxing from drugs or alcohol, you should be drinking lots of water and liquids. Your body becomes dehydrated and with flu-like symptoms, plenty of liquids are very important to help the detox process. You should also be eating a healthy, balanced diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, and proteins. Drugs and alcohol damage nearly every part of our body, and proper nutrients and liquids are a must!

If you are struggling with addiction and are looking to seek help from one of the several Treatment Centers for Detoxification, Golden Road Recovery is here for you. Contact us today at  (877)-372-0536 to start your detox process and have a successful recovery to a joyful life.

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