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Drug & Substance Abuse Addiction Treatment
in Los Angeles, California

An Overview of Substance Abuse

What is addiction?

You may be familiar with the terms ‘substance abuse’ and ‘addiction,’ but what you may not realize is that these two problems are different from one another. They do overlap, but there are key distinctions to be aware of.

People who abuse drugs still have control over their lives whereas people who are addicted do not. They may believe that they only have a substance abuse problem, when in reality, their world is falling apart.

While substance abuse is not ideal, addiction is far more complex. It is a disease of the brain and body that involves the compulsive use of one or more substances. As these substances are abused, they affect regions in the brain responsible for judgement, learning, memory, reward and motivation. This is why addicts’ personalities change when they become addicted.

Golden Road Recovery is a California substance abuse treatment facility in Chatsworth that successfully treats drug and substance abuse addictions. We recognize the devastating effects that this disease has on its victims regardless of their age, health or socioeconomic status. As crippling as addiction is, it is treatable. The key is finding the best residential treatment center in Chatsworth.


People make a conscious choice to experiment with drugs and other substances, but they do not make the choice to become addicted. No one sets out to get hooked on substances, but unfortunately, it happens. These substances are very addictive, particularly to some brains.

Substance Abuse Addiction is considered a chronic disease, which means it’s a type of disease that can be controlled but not cured. We do not say this to upset you but rather to help you understand that you’ll need to remain vigilant throughout your life. Letting down your guard or getting complacent in your recovery can put you at risk for relapse.

Furthermore, addiction is hard to beat without professional intervention. Detoxing from certain drugs can lead to fatal seizures or breathing difficulties. You should always detox in a medically supervised setting. Also, there should be no gaps in your care. It’s best to go straight from detox to counseling so that you can continue with your journey.

Golden Road Residential Treatment Center Chatsworth, CA

Signs & Symptoms of Addiction

Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles

Regardless of your background, education or socioeconomic status, drug addiction can happen to anyone. It does not discriminate. However, people tend to experiment with drugs and alcohol for similar reasons such as pleasure, self-medication or curiosity.

When you become a victim of substance abuse addiction, there are certain telltale signs and symptoms to watch for. Symptoms can be classified as behavioral or physical, and addicts usually experience both at the same time. We do want to point out that these symptoms are general and do not necessarily indicate a substance abuse program. It’s possible that certain medications or an underlying mental health disorder are to blame. This is why we screen all clients upon their arrival.

When you’re abusing drugs or alcohol, several changes may become apparent in your appearance. These can include:

  • Pitiable physical coordination
  • Glazed or bloodshot eyes
  • Uncommon body odors
  • Abrupt changes in the weight
  • Constricted or dilated pupils
  • Sleeping too much or having difficulty finding sleep
  • Unkempt appearance 

If you continue using drugs and alcohol long enough, your body will adapt and develop a tolerance. This means that you need more and more substances to get the desired effects. Obviously, this takes an immense toll on your physical health. With so much pressure on the body, it starts to succumb, bit by bit.

Typically, people notice physical symptoms first because they are more apparent than emotional or behavioral symptoms. But they are just as serious. Also, it’s likely that your senses will become numb so that you’re unaware of the harmful effects happening to your body.

Aside from physical symptoms, substance abuse causes behavioral symptoms as well. It’s impossible to continue using drugs and alcohol without having your habits and behaviors altered. In fact, some substances are so powerful, they can impair your brain’s ability to think and focus clearly and do permanent damage.

Some examples of behavioral and emotional symptoms of substance abuse include: 

  • Run-ins with the law
  • Depression
  • Lethargy
  • Increased irritability and aggression
  • Changes in personality and attitude
  • Dramatic changes in priorities and habits
  • No interest in family life
  • Decrease in socializing

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Drug & Substance Abuse Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles, California

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How We Can Help You Recover WITH

Addiction Treatment

Drug & Substance Abuse Addiction treatment in Los Angeles, CA is the first step to take when getting sober. The journey to recovery is lifelong because substance abuse is a chronic condition. The good news is that you will learn the correct tools and coping mechanisms in treatment to battle your chronic illness in an Drug Recovery Center in Los Angeles. Being sober may feel like a way of life for a while, but in time, it will feel more normal and natural. 

Most people require medical care and professional help to quit using substances and to recover completely. With commitment, dedication and perseverance, the long-term payoffs of addiction treatment are:

The main objective of addiction treatment is to teach addicts how to live a drug- and alcohol- free life in a safe, controlled environment. The length of treatment varies from person to person and depends on the addiction. Obviously, those who abuse multiple drugs and have done so for years are going to need more intense care than someone who just started out.

During substance abuse treatment in San Fernando, you’ll learn how to initially stop using drugs and alcohol and ways to maintain your sobriety. Because addiction is a chronic, lifelong disease, potential relapse is something to be aware of. You will receive relapse prevention tips as well as a thorough aftercare plan.

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Our drug addiction treatment program in Southern California caters to anyone suffering from drug and substance abuse addiction. Our main goal is to provide you with the best assistance possible like inpatient residential treatment when detoxing from drugs and substance abuse and starting a treatment program. Our substance abuse rehab in Chatsworth has a dedicated team of experts who offer top-notch supervision, holistic therapies and conventional medications.

We team up with our clients to help them win back their lives and not let addiction take away any more than it already has. Our addiction treatment programs are facilitated in a safe place where clients can make the best of their time with us. Many clients establish strong bonds with others in our program. It’s incredibly helpful to know that no one has to go through this alone!

Some of the ways we help our clients renew their lives are with Breathwork exercises, Yoga, Art therapy, Music therapy, Outdoor adventures, and Equine therapy sessions

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Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles, CA

When you find your occasional drinking or substance consumption becoming a destructive routine, turn to our substance abuse treatment center in Los Angeles, California. Our addiction treatment programs include detox and residential recovery where you get clean and start your path to long-term sobriety. Our Chatsworth substance abuse addiction treatment plan offers clients private bedrooms and numerous invigorating activities like visits to the beach, equine therapy, movie nights, morning hikes and so much more.

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Golden Road Recovery aims to help anyone who reaches out to us who is struggling with substance abuse. Our drug addiction treatment program in Chatsworth specializes in dual diagnosis, drug abuse, alcoholism and offers evidence-based treatment. If you or any of your loved one is suffering from substance abuse, please reach out to us today for help by calling 877-372-0536 now.

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