How a 12 Step Program Can Help You in Recovery?

How a 12 Step Program Can Help You in Recovery?

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The 12 steps of recovery programs were developed for those who are in substance abuse or alcohol abuse programs. It works alongside other components of your treatment program and will act as a spiritual foundation that guides you out of your addiction or alcoholism. Each step of the 12-step program invigorates another side of you that you never thought existed and ultimately helps you get rid of your drug habits. But before we talk about how beneficial the 12-step programs are, let’s take a moment to understand what is a 12-step program, the different types of 12-step programs, and what the 12 steps in the 12-step programs actually are.

What is a 12-Step Program?

The 12-step program was originally developed by AA groups, short for Alcoholics Anonymous Group and later it was also adopted by NA, short for Narcotics Anonymous. The success and the positively that it brought to the programs led to its adoption by almost every drug rehab treatment center. Although it started as a way to bring a positive vibe and effect to the recovery program, it has become a lot more than that. Now, it has become a spiritual guide that not only helps you get out of your addiction issues but strengthens you from the inside.

Different Types of 12-Step Program

Although it was originally developed as an AA program, it was soon modified and adopted by a wide range of peer-support groups and self-help groups. Now, it has branched out from AA, short for Alcoholics Anonymous to NA, short for Narcotics Anonymous, HA, short for Heroin Anonymous, and even GA, short for Gambling Anonymous.

What are the 12 Steps in a 12-Step Program?

12 step program in addiction recovery

The 12-Step Program in recovery, as the name suggests, has 12 steps, which when followed leads to a positive effect on the treatment program that it is a part of. Let’s briefly discuss each.


Honesty is the key to the success of your treatment. It’s hard to accept the truth that you are addicted and that you need help. It’s okay to say you are not in control. The only way the treatment can begin to help you is you accept the fact that you are vulnerable and that you need help.


Surrender yourself to the program and trust that it will heal you. If you believe that the program doesn’t work, then it won’t work, especially not with that attitude. You will have to surrender yourself to the program and then only then it have the chance of working.


There is a higher power above that is ubiquitous and works anonymously. You have to have faith in that power and believe that there is a plan for you as well. When you put your belief and faith in something greater than yourself, you will begin to see that the treatment may actually work.


Sometimes, the root cause of your alcoholism or addiction is not because of some trauma or environmental effect. Sometimes, it could be even deeper than that. You will have to search deeper and deal with any issues that you find. Some soul-searching might just bring out some facts that were buried deep inside.


Integrity is about accepting the truth about your past or any wrongdoings. You will just have to own up to everything you did, good or bad, and accept it all not just to yourself, but to others as well.


When you look inside yourself, you are bound to find a lot of faults, but that’s okay. Whatever happened, it happened for a reason, even if you can’t grasp it now. You will just have to accept that there is behind everything that happened and accept it as it is.


Humility is better than pride. In this step, you will have to ask the higher power about something that you cannot achieve on your own.


Willingness involves having the strength to do what is necessary and what’s necessary is for you to follow through with every step of this 12-step program.


Make a list of all the wrongdoings that you may have done to others, but never really apologized for. Over time, the guilt of it began to poison you from the inside. It’s time that you admit to what you did and ask for their forgiveness.


This step involves you being honest with yourself. A lot of time people lie to themselves which in the long run doesn’t bode well for you. But if you start to admit the truth, you will begin to heal.

Making Contact

“We are here for a reason.” We are sure that you heard that before but it’s true. This step involves you finding out your purpose in life.


You will learn a lot from your treatment program, but it’s important that you don’t abandon these principles the moment you walk out of the treatment facility.

Benefits of the 12-Step Program

The program just provides you with a plan, a fellowship, and social support that will help you stay on the right path, support you when you need it, and help you achieve your treatment goals faster and better. When the 12-step program is combined with addiction recovery therapies, it can do wonders.

Wrapping Up

Blindly following through with the 12-step program will not help you achieve anything. You will have to believe in it, be honest with others and yourself, and truly follow each step if you actually want to recover from your addiction. Just know that only you have the power to help yourself. Golden Road Recovery can really help you in achieving the target of quitting addiction. You can just get in touch with us by making a phone call at our addiction recovery support i.e., (877) 372-0536.

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